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Co-Founder & President

Hi! My name is Marina, and I'm a U3 physiology student with a psychology minor. I'm pursuing a career in bioengineering and innovation. I love competing in case competitions; my team won first place in a McGill competition and was a finalist nationwide. I've also published manuscripts in journals such as URNCST and MSURJ. I'm looking forward to seeing our idea for the McGill Scientific Writing Initiative put into action!

Fun fact: I have my own photography company!

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Co-Founder & President

Hi! My name is Joyce, and I am a 4th-year psychology major. I'm interested in geriatric medicine, and my goal is to pursue a career in rehabilitation sciences.

I am currently an RA in the Dept. of Psychiatry, and I have contributed to papers published in Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics, Renal Failure, MSURJ, and URNSCT. Our team is putting together lots of resources & workshops for the McGill science community, and I'm really excited to share it with all of you!


Fun fact: I once climbed all 1,776 steps of the CN tower in 24 minutes!

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VP Academics

Hello! I’m Thea, a U3 microbiology and immunology major and economics minor. I am a passionate cancer research and awareness advocate. I am currently pursuing a business development career in solar engineering and the renewable energy sector. I am super excited to see the positive impact that MSWI will have on the McGill community. 

Fun fact: I ran the finance team for the highest grossing youth Relay for Life cancer fundraiser in Canada. 


Mei Nathan

VP Communications

Hello! I am Mei Nathan, and I am a U3 Life Science Student studying animal health and disease. I am passionate about furthering the One Health Initiative and working at the intersection of animal health and human health to alleviate preventable diseases. Nearing the end of my undergraduate experience, I realized how valuable communication skills are, whether that be writing articles for peer published journals or telling the general public why vaccines are effective. That's why I'm excited to help the McGill Scientific Writing Initiative!

Fun fact: I've been to 13 countries and counting!



VP Design

Hey everyone! I'm Megane, and I'm a U3 Physiology major, also pursuing a minor at the Desautels Faculty of Management. I'm very interested in science communication and recognize the importance of being a well-rounded scientist with skills that are valuable beyond the laboratory. I've conducted a research project in science education over the summer, and I look forward to potentially getting my work published over the next year! 

Fun fact: When I was a child, I wanted to become an astronaut! 



VP Education

Hi! My name is Sydney Wasserman, and I’m a U3 nursing student at ISoN McGill. I am passionate about health sciences, particularly emergency first aid and clinical person-oriented care. I love to share this passion and my experiences in the field, which I get to do as a training coordinator for St. John Ambulance. I’m excited to work with everyone to create innovative and exciting workshops as the VP Education this year.


Fun fact: I’m an identical twin!



VP Equity & Diversity

Hi, my name is Lucy Core! I’m a U3 student in the Honors Cognitive Science program, minoring in Psychology. I’m currently working with Dr. Robert Zatorre at the Montreal Neurological Institute studying auditory/music cognitive neuroscience. I’ve conducted 2 independent projects with The Zatorre Lab and am also conducting my honors thesis with them this school year, as well as preparing to publish some of our previous work. Some of my hobbies include playing violin, ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, and hiking.


Fun fact: My favorite animals are penguins and beagles



VP Events

Hi, I’m Kate! I’m currently a U2 neuroscience student interested in learning more about the field of computational neuroscience. I recently worked on a project regarding machine learning and the spread of infectious respiratory diseases. As VP Events, I hope to further improve scientific communications within the McGill community.


Fun fact: I'm mildly allergic to the sun.



First Year Representative

Hi! My name is Mila, and I am a U1 Anatomy and Cell Biology student. I am very excited to be your U1 Representative for this year’s McGill Scientific Writing Initiative! My parents are originally from Serbia, but I grew up in Louisiana. Feel free to message me for all things MSWI or U1 Anatomy and Cell Biology related. I am excited to be part of this community, and I cannot wait to meet you all!


Fun fact: I have played the piano for 13 years, and my favorite composers are Chopin and Debussy.

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Julia Langleben

CEGEP Representative

Hi! My name is Julia and I'm currently in my second year of Pure and Applied Science at Dawson College. I'm looking forward to hopefully going into a McGill science program next year! I've loved participating in science extracurricular activities such as science fair. I am also part of a club that publishes an annual journal with research papers written by students. I'm looking forward to bringing McGill Scientific Writing Initiative to my school and getting more CEGEP students involved! 

Fun Fact: I can speak four different languages!

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