A McGill Guide to Scientific Writing

During summer 2020, MSWI collaborated with faculty members, TAs, and students to produce a concise guide to scientific writing. Especially with the upcoming virtual semester, our writing guide aims to help students and staff adjust to writing-centric assessments.

We have chapters dedicated to: 

  • Vocabulary

  • Research articles

  • Lab reports

  • Citations

  • Tables and figures

  • And more!

Lab Reports at McGill

We talked to professors and TAs in order to produce a detailed guide to writing McGill-specific lab reports. Find comprehensive information on CHEM 110, BIOC 220, BIOL 301, and more!

McGill Scientific Writing Classes

Are you planning your schedule for next semester? Give one of these courses a try! Offered by the McGill Writing Centre and other departments, these classes will develop your writing, research, and critical thinking skills!

Clinical Abbreviation Cheat Sheet

Calling nursing students, premed students, and students conducting clinical research! Check out this cheat sheet with information relating to clinical abbreviations and their corresponding definitions.

How to Get Involved in Research

Trying to get involved in research but don't know where to start? This resource walks you through how to find profs that share your research interest, contact them, and secure a research position at McGill!

Programming Resources

This resource includes a list of learning tools to enhance your software skills. 

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