Sydney is a 22 year old student at McGill, studying Advanced Nursing in her first year of her Masters, having graduated from the Bachelors of Science in Nursing just last Spring 2021. She works as a registered nurse clinician at the Emergency Department. She is passionate about critical care and always seeks to expand her knowledge by getting involved in her community and at school. She is the divisional chief and first responder for Saint John Ambulance, where she also hones her teaching skills by providing first aid trainings and services to the Montreal community. She is our Co-President in McGill Scientific Writing Initiative, where she demonstrates her love and passion for communicating science. She plans to take all of these experiences and work to advance her field in critical care and explore teaching.

Fun Fact: Sydney can sing and play guitar!



Kate is currently in U3 Neuroscience with a minor in Computer Science. She loves to learn about neuroinformatics and the application of data science and machine learning in the field of neuroimaging and genetics. In the future, she hopes to go into neuro/biotech which means that science communication will be very important for her! She is also a part of the McGill Neuroscience Undergraduate (NUM) Council, and would love to chat about the neuro program as well as anything related to the brain!

Fun Fact: Kate is mildly allergic to the sun!


VP Academics

Shreya is a third-year U3 student in Anatomy and Cell Biology, with a minor in Political Science. Shreya is pursuing a career in clinical medicine or in health policy and administration. Shreya is currently a research assistant at Dr. Artur Kania's lab at the IRCM, where she studies neurodevelopment and chronic pain and has contributed to a variety of academic scientific writing. Shreya is incredibly passionate about combining her love for writing and for science and is excited to promote scientific writing and communication at McGill!
Fun fact: Shreya has a rare form of synesthesia, meaning she tastes words and sounds!


VP Communications

Mila Selmic is a U2 Anatomy and Cell Biology student. She works as an emergency department medical scribe at the Jewish General Hospital. She loves being able to apply what she learns in her courses to real life scenarios in the ED. She also plays the piano and enjoys being a music therapy volunteer. Mila intends to pursue a career in medicine.

Fun Fact: Mila has played piano for 13 years!



VP Design

Hey everyone! I'm Megane, and I'm a BSc '21 Physiology grad. I was part of MSWI's inaugural year in 2020-2021 and have stayed on board because of how great this group and its mission are! I'm very interested in science communication and recognize the importance of being a well-rounded scientist with skills that are valuable beyond the laboratory. 

Fun fact: When I was a child, I wanted to become an astronaut! 


VP Education

Madison studies Honours Biology with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, and Social Justice Studies. She manages the Sports and Science & Technology sections at The McGill Tribune, and serves as VP Education of the McGill Science Writing Initiative. She is passionate about the intersection of social justice and science communication.

Fun Fact: Madison loves to solve crosswords!



VP Events

Amy is a U3 Neuroscience student who is pursuing a career in the medical field. As a TEAM mentor for many undergrad science classes, she loves spreading her passion for science with other students. She hopes the case competition further fuels this passion!

Fun fact: Amy loves the New York Times crossword!



VP Events

Peter is a third-year student majoring in Microbiology and Immunology and minoring in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. He hopes to become a medical doctor in the upcoming years, with a slight preference for psychiatry, cardiology, and neonatal care. As co-VP Events at MSWI this year, he hopes to counter the widespread of scientific misinformation and broaden McGill’s community’s interest in science communication. He is currently working on a SciComm podcast and is really excited to see the team grow with MSWI's initiatives!

Fun fact: Peter is a quadrilingual!

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 2.38.56 PM.png


First Year Representative

Julia is a U1 Psychology student who plans to pursue a career in clinical psychology and neuroscience. Julia is currently a volunteer at the Lydon Lab at McGill, and a student volunteer for the Association Quebecoise des Personnel Aphasiques where she works with people who have verbal impairments. Julia is passionate about science communication and has demonstrated this through her participation in science fair for five years. She is excited to ensure that science communication plays a strong role on campus!

Fun Fact: Julia loves watching pasta videos!



CEGEP Representative

Ellie is a second year Dawson College CEGEP student in Health Science. She wishes to pursue a career as a paediatrician. Ellie is currently a volunteer at the Saint Anne’s Geriatric Hospital and volunteers with multiple clubs at her school, such as Blue Ring and Medlife, to create events and fundraisers. Ellie believes in the power of scientific writing and has utilized these skills in Dawson’s Neuroscience Research Team and high school science fairs. She is thrilled to be working with such amazing Mcgill students and spread scientific knowledge ! 

Fun fact: Ellie loves to critique and analyze movies and shows!

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