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Hi! My name is Sydney and I am the co-President of MSWI. I have been working with this incredible student-led initiative since it was founded in 2020. I am currently in my final year of the Master’s of Advanced Nursing at the Ingram School of Nursing. My passion for science communication sparked from my clinical practice as an Emergency Room nurse. My research focus is centred around psychosocial oncology. These experiences have helped me realize how important science communication truly is. Whether it is clinical practice or research, none of it can impact our society unless it is communicated effectively. Come explore our incredible resources, workshops, blogs and events to see what we’re working on to empower the McGill community to enhance their science communication!




Hey! My name is Peter, I’m currently in my last year of undergraduate studies at McGill, pursuing a major in Microbiology and Immunology (MIMM) and minors in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. I’m so ecstatic to serve as MSWI’s co-president for 2022-23 and can’t wait to unveil all the amazing resources, events and workshops with you all. Ever since I took CCOM 314 in my second year, I’ve found a passion in the world of scicomm and joined MSWI first as co-VP Events, organizing the annual case competition and kickstarting our scicomm podcast. I hope that MSWI’s bubble will reach even farther this year and provide the necessary resources on campus!


Co-VP External & Academics


I'm a third-year U3 student in Anatomy and Cell Biology, with a minor in Political Science. I'm pursuing a career in clinical medicine or in health policy and administration and I am currently a research assistant at Dr. Artur Kania's lab at the IRCM, where I study neurodevelopment and chronic pain.  I've contributed to a variety of academic scientific writing there. I am incredibly passionate about combining my love for writing and for science and I'm excited to promote scientific writing and communication at McGill!
Fun fact: I have a rare form of synesthesia, meaning I taste words and sounds!


Co-VP External & Academic


While doing my master's degree, I enjoyed the process of publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals to the extent that I even entertained the idea of becoming a full-time research article advisor one day. For the time being though, I'm focused on indulging my twin passions for sustainable energy and science communication by doing a PhD program on thermal energy storage and actively seeking opportunities to learn from / contribute to writing communities. What I find most interesting about MSWI is that, unlike many other writing groups, here the emphasis is on putting forward initiatives to encourage more undergrads to get started with publishing and communicating science in a broader sense, and to provide them with the resources they need to keep sharpening their skills and insights to become better science communicators.



VP Education and EDI Commissioner


Hey! My name is Megan and I am so excited to serve as the VP Education and EDI Commissioner of MSWI this year. I’m currently a U1 student in my second year at McGill studying cognitive science. My role at MSWI encompasses all the things I’m passionate about from arts and science to helping promote equitable events while ensuring that the information we publish are fair and non-discriminatory. Scientific communication is an up and coming, exciting new field that I have not explicitly been involved in which is why I am so excited to learn more about a subject that intertwines the importance of professional writing alongside scientific literature. Outside of MWSI, I also serve as the equity commissioner of the arts and science undergraduate society (ASUS) as this area is one that I am particularly interested in. In my spare time, I love to learn new songs on the piano and explore Montreal (beyond the McGill bubble) with my friends. Beyond my hobbies, I love trying new things and immersing myself in new experiences so I’m always up to learning something new everyday. MWSI is such a cool initiative run by passionate, bright-minded individuals and I can’t wait to see what this year brings!


Co-VP Events


Hello, my name is Anh, and I am a second-year bioengineering student. I am so happy to become the Co VP-Events of MSWI this year! Later, I would love to pursue a career in biomedical research, where science communication is essential. As we live in a society increasingly reliant on science and technology, I would love to help MSWI grow, reach a bigger audience, and promote science communication awareness!
Also, a little fun fact is that this will be my first time being fully responsible for such a big event, and I must say I am particularly excited about this prospect. I hope you will participate and enjoy the case competition! I cannot wait to see you all there.



VP Social Media


I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, with a minor in Jewish Studies. I work for the McGill Youth Study Team, where I study attention in children on the autism spectrum. However, my experience with scientific writing came from participating in science fair for five years, and having to create my own research projects. I learned a lot about research papers and presentations during those few years, and I’m excited to bring what I know to MSWI!


VP Design


Hey there! I'm a U3 Microbiology and Immunology student with a minor in Communications. I have a deep-rooted passion for science communications and my primary mode of communication is through art and narrative. I am a digital and traditional artist, focused primarily in narrative, and my goal is to make intriguing comics and graphic novels in STEM topics for K-12 and the general public. I am excited to work with MSWI in helping other McGill students engage in Science Communications!


Abigail Wolfensohn

Co-VP Events


Hello! My name is Abigail, and I am a U2 student at McGill who is majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Linguistics. I am fascinated by the neural mechanisms that underlie both human and animal behaviour, and I hope to pursue a career in research in order to help improve our understanding of the subject. Making scientific writing and knowledge more accessible is something that I see as essential, so I can't wait to help make a difference as a member of the MSWI team! After being a finalist in last year's SciComm Case Competition, I am excited to make this year’s competition the best it can be as one of the Co-VP Events.
Outside of class, I enjoy playing musical instruments, birdwatching, spending time with my two dogs, and learning new things. I have also spent the last few months working as a research assistant for Dr. Shmuel’s neuroimaging lab at the Montreal Neurological Institute.



VP Communications & FYR


Hi!! :))

My name is Ellie Greenspan and I grew up here in Montreal! I went to CEGEP at Dawson College in Health Science and now I’m in U1 at McGill in Anatomy and Cell Biology. I enjoy dancing, painting and shopping! I also love being outside and whenever it’s nice out, I go study outside!

I chose to major in Anatomy and Cell Biology because I loved biology in CEGEP! I also did not know exactly what part of life science interested me most, but I heard that ACB is a relatively broad major and introduces you to many topics.

Ever since elementary school, I’ve been fascinated by science! Almost my whole family works in the science field, so there has not been a family dinner where science did not come up in conversation! It was only natural for me to follow in my families footsteps by joining the field myself.

Since high school, I took part in ‘science communication’ activities such as science fairs and the neuroscience research team at Dawson. I love the idea of taking ownership of my education, learning new science topics, creating experiments and of course teaching others about my findings! I enjoy learning new things and talking so science communication is where I thrive:)

I’m so excited to be apart of MSWI for a second year as VP Communications and First Year Rep! I’ll try my best to write newsletters and blog posts that include scientific discoveries that can better your life!



CEGEP Representative


My name is Benjamin, and I am a second-year student in Health Science at Vanier College. In the coming years, I would like to pursue a career in the medical field. I recently worked as a research assistant at the Courtois Cardiovascular Signature Program, where I was given the opportunity to develop a strong interest in cardiology. I enjoy learning about new scientific concepts and value the role that science communication plays in the transmission of these ideas. As CEGEP representative, I look forward to exposing other CEGEP students to the valuable scientific resources that are made accessible by the MSWI!

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